Yoga Workouts


Yoga Workouts is a great form of exercise that strengthens your core and cardiovascular system while calming the mind and providing a great stretch session.

Many think yoga is easy and for hippies, but that is far from the truth. Much like any form of exercise, yoga is as hard, spiritual and mental as you make it.

Here are some great yoga classes you can follow using your phone or computer. We have selected some yoga videos and Youtube channels that can help you.

Enjoy, be safe, and be easy on yourself. Anything new is going to take some time to get into.

Sarah Beth

“This intense, quick-paced, 30 minute full body power yoga workout will strengthen, & tone in the first half, then stretch your whole body in the second half.” – Sarah Beth

Boho Beautiful

“This yoga workout class is a complete full body workout flow that will help your body gain flexibility, strength, and beautiful toned definition. A yoga workout that is challenging but at the same time rewarding as this total body yoga class targets the core, hamstrings and quads, while at the same time energizing your body and getting everything moving and detoxifying. Remember, everyone is at a different level. So these exercises might seem a bit difficult based on where you are, so just breathe and be patient with yourself. Take all the time you need to build strength by doing as much as you can each time you do this class and if you stay dedicated, you will feel and look amazing from the inside out in no time.” – Boho Beautiful

“This yoga for advanced level which was shot in beautiful Tofino BC, is perfect for anyone that feels like they’re ready to take their yoga practice to the next level. Working through different challenging yoga asanas, this advanced yoga flow will not only help you gain more strength and stamina but it will also promote weight loss, fat loss, and muscle definition. Don’t forget to breathe through this advanced yoga workout, stay connected to your breath. Remember every minute, every challenging asana is part of your yoga & fitness journey.” – Boho Beautiful

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky