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Writers wanted

Anyone is welcome to register on our website and contribute articles. We are always looking for new writers to join our community and help bring health to the public together.


Register as a user and verify your email address. You can add social media links, profile image and/or a biography to your profile. The extra information on your profile will help with your own exposure and generate traffic to your social media pages and website.

Once logged in, under the My Profile Tab, you will find the link to submit an article.


An article is recommended to be 2-5 minute read but can be longer. We try to select our article topic in a way that it identifies a problem regarding health and leaves the reader empowered.

If you upload any media, make sure you have the necessary legal rights to publish the image. All text content must be original and not copy pasted.

A writer can choose whether an article is just for your personal profile/listing page or for health topic placement. Should you choose general the editor will select the right categories for your piece.

Once you have submitted the article our editors will read through it and do any critical edits including possible title changes and SEO. All articles will automatically be posted to Facebook once it is publish.

It is recommended you write your article in a word processor like Google Docs/Microsoft Word/Office/etc then paste the article to avoid risking you lose your work.

Article Styles

There are 2 ways you must be mindful of when writing an article:

  1. Write as if you are talking directly to someone
  2. Write as if it is factual

Paragraph Formation

  • Opening Paragraph must be 10 lines or less, giving preview of what is to come
  • Write 4-6 paragraphs that have headings explaining what is discussed in the paragraph
  • Finish article with a 10 line or less summary, with a call to action to empower the reader

Key Points

  • Never promise or confirm results, use phrases like research shows/there is a possibility
  • Always refer people to a specialist, don’t make article sound like a cure or the answer
  • Avoid writing anything that isn’t researched
  • Make sure your topic is not already on health.co.za