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Health.co.za provides health and wellness assessments, counselling, coaching, consulting, and evaluation services based on evidence-based research. Health education, training, managed care services, occupational health, mental health, the New Science of Stress management, Stress First Aid, and specialized treatment for addictions improve enhanced productivity, improved health status, and quality of life for individuals, groups, organizations, and employees.

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Health.co.za Wellness Days is designed to work with individuals, helping them to realise their true potential, and thereby creating a committed and an engaged workforce, and the employer will have the opportunity to revaluate its strategies based on evidence-based information.

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Wellness Services & Solutions

Wellness Accreditations & Memberships

  • Work-related Intervention Management & Empowerment Plans
  • Stress Assessments
  • Consulting and Atypical Consulting
  • Accreditation Training Programs
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Addition Treatment and Management
  • Psychological Wellness
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Leadership Skills and Training

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Meet The Team

Sean D Waters

Executive: Wellness Business Unit

Sean D. Waters, a practicing Stress Specialist Practitioner, founder of Stress Less Clinic, counsels, coaches, mentors, and consults to individuals, groups, and companies using the New Science of Stress interventional applications.

Dr. Steven Gunn


Dr Steven Gunn is a registered medical practitioner and integrative medicine physician. Dr Gunn has a special interest in integrative medicine, anti-ageing medicine, cancer treatment, enhancement of mental and physical performance, nutrition, innovative technology and extension of life with quality.

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Wellness Program Information

1. What is Wellness?

Wellness includes: physiological, psychological, behavioral, emotional, and lifestyle well-being and fitness enhancement of human capital in the workplace.

2. What are Work-related Intervention Management Plans & Empowerment Plans?

Specialized and structured Management Plans for work-related interventions relating to the principles of change management. The Work-related Intervention Management Standard©2016 encompasses Identifying, Evaluating, Recording, Monitoring actions. The Empowerment Plan is a structured Individual Empowerment Plan for empowering individuals in the workplace.

3. What entails Managed Care Services?

  • Health Risk Assessments for general and primary physiological measurement
  • Afriforte Stress Assessment, a measurement tool for measuring stress, burnout, and other aspects of individuals in the workplace
  • The Afriforte Organizational Human Factor Benchmark a specialized measurement tool for measuring all aspects about stress, burnout and performance in the workplace for both organizations as well as individuals

4. What does Consulting include?

  • Preparing Management Reports
  • Preparing and presenting Statistical and Financial Reports
  • Presenting recommendations

5. What courses have Accredited Training Programs?

  • All levels of First Aid
  • Basic and Life Support
  • CPR training
  • Stress First Aid

6. What is Lifestyle Management?

Lifestyle management is an intervention designed to promote positive lifestyle and behaviour change. Managing one’s lifestyle and fitness is all-important when working in the workplace

7. What Lifestyle Management do we offer?

  • Physical Wellness: Exercise, Training, Gym, Fitness assessments, Body Wellness
  • Nutritional Wellness: Education, Diet planning, Weight planning, Health foods, and beverage products
  • Disease Management for: Cancer, Cardiovascular, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Diabetes, Spastic colon, HIV/AID’s

8. What services are provided for in Primary Healthcare?

A network of Health.co.za accredited healthcare professionals are available and include: General practitioners, Medical specialists, Dentists, Optometrists, Audiologists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers.

9. Are there programs for treating and managing addictions?

Addiction treatment and managing and specialized treatment centres are available through our network of professionals and include the treatment and management for addictions, including substance abuse (alcohol, drug and opioid addiction), smoking, technology abuse to highlight a view.

10. What is Psychological Wellness?

Psychological wellness includes wellness for:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • Pre-TSD and PTSD
  • prevention and management in the workplace
  • mindset and mindfulness strategies

11. What Occupational Health and Safety service do we offer?

  • Implementation of Management Standards
  • Health and safety relating to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) and WRULDs (Work-related Upper Limb Disorders)
  • Assessment of Work-stations
  • Advisory of Occupational therapy with practitioners
  • General OHS act compliance and consulting

12. Do we offer Leadership skills and training?

Yes, Expert leadership trainers are available for skills and development with a strong focus on Emotional Intelligence & mental health in the workplace

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