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Golf is one of the most underestimated sports in terms of injury and lower back pain. Most people think that you don’t need training for golf. After all it is healthy to get out in nature and hit a few golf balls. No impact like rugby or soccer etc? This could not be further from the truth.

Although the chances of getting hit by a golf ball are very slim, the injuries come from actually swinging the golf club. Especially the first couple of shots of each hole which is at least 36 swings. Many don’t realize that this is very high impact especially for the lower back and hips with shoulders, wrists and elbows also prone to getting injured.

People often wonder why they get injured from golf.

These days there is more awareness that in order to stay ahead of the competition means avoiding injury. There is much training needed around the core. Now most people think that doing sit-ups or crunches is training the core they don’t realize they could be aggravating the problem. The core is not activated while swinging the golf club especially from doing crunches. The core is a lot more complex than a few crunches.

Lets bring in the exercise ball as an example.

The ball is an unstable object which absorbs gravity, minimizing any impact on the body. Because the body now has to stay balanced it is forced to work the core. What is the core you may ask?

The core is based on your transverse muscles. Basically it is your own internal weight belt. If you feel your belly button and and place 2 fingers under the belly button, that is where your transverse muscles are placed. The core is made up of many parts to protect the internal organs and to help power and move your body smoothly and without pain.

If you have trained your core correctly, playing golf should be fun and pain free. Swinging the golf club faster from your shoulders will not make the ball go further. It has to come from the core.

I have trained and seen golfers swing distance improve from improving there core. This will happen to every golfer who focuses on correct core training. Who wouldn’t want to take there golf to a new level without the pain and injuries? Not many people know about the correct way to use the exercise ball and so it get shoved to the side. The correct training on the exercise ball will be a game changer for your golf and your life.

Yossi Montrose
Author: Yossi Montrose

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