Self Love


Life is a crazy thing to keep up with. Let it be work, relationships, family, studying, hobbies or relaxing it is easy to forget the importance of self love. Being in love is a beautiful thing that inspires us to put in extra effort and be mindful of all the needs of your partner, which includes making them coffee, calming your partner down during chaos, ensuring your partner is healthy, while trying to keep your partner happy. You are willing to go to all ends to ensure your partner is well looked after mentally and physically.

The problem most people have is that there is always(or at least should be) time to show your partner love in one of the categories mentioned above, but it is rare that people do the same for themselves.

You need to spend a few moments a day assessing your needs, wants and achievements. Most are like, are you crazy?! I barely have time to eat.. Which may be true.. But when you are driving, walking, eating or in the bathroom you have mental freedom to do this.

It is important to look inwards to assess where you are in life everyday because before you know it a year has passed you by and you have not looked inward enough and therefore do not know what you need and what you should be proud of.

Once you know what you are happy about and what you feel you need then you can firstly feel like a champ for your small and big victories alike and secondly you will know what you need and want. No one will be happy if they don’t get what they want or need but how can you expect anything if you don’t know what they are?

Yes, loved ones like a partner, family and friends should help uplift you and care for you but it is not their primary job to do so. Their primary job is to make sure they are happy and looked after. 

Make yourself a fancy coffee, make time to read or go for a hike. Find out what makes you happy and proud. When you find the love within you are living life and enjoying the journey. As days become weeks the journey, how you feel and what inspires you is what makes

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky