13 Push up variations you can do at home


Push ups are quite tough to get into and quite easy to get bored with but if it is all you got to work with or your enjoy the exercise it is perfect.

Beginner Push ups

Not everyone can do a push up… yet. Instead of doing a full push up where you hold your body above the ground using your hands and feet you can start with easier methods. Either you can put your knees on the floor instead of your feet which you lighten the load a lot or you can do assisted push ups.

Assisted push ups can be done on a wall, once you are ready to progress use a table, then on the floor with knees until you are strong enough for full push ups.

Standard Push up

These can be done on a flat or unstable surface. Unless stated otherwise all push up works your chest and triceps(back of your arms).

Row Press

This is a great exercises for advanced people who have a strong core, back and chest. The rowing motion kicks your back muscles into the exercise.

Scapula Push up

Mostly works your shoulder girdle which is the complex muscle system in your upper back. Great for core and posture strength training.

Lat Press Push up

Because your hands are so low down you will be working your back more to lift your body.

Front Claps

This helps your work your shoulder in different angles and strengthen your should and general core strength.

Finger Push ups

As the name lets on, this is done on your fingers not flat hands. This helps you do a slower and tougher push up while strengthening your hands and wrists.

Dog Leg Push up

By lifting your leg your are working your hip muscles and core while still putting a lot of effort into chest. This is a toughy.

Destabalized Push ups

Do the 4-10 push ups with one hand destabalized by a rock then switch hands and do another 4-10. Always try keep both sides equal.

Destabalized Pushups – Hard

The same as destabalized push ups except you will have both of your hands on rocks. Make sure to keep your core engaged.

Destabalized Alternating Push ups

This is one of the toughest out there. The continuous shifting between position and lifting a heavy rock make this an exercise most need to build up to.

Star Push ups

These are tough as the placement of your hands targets your triceps(back of the arm) more and the chest less. The perfect form should create an alignment with your hands and lower chest (Solar Plexes)

Chest Stretch

Most importantly don’t forget to warm up and stretch afterwards. As always you must consult your health professional before changing your lifestyle and starting exercise.

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky