Medical Insurance for Practitioners

If you provide professional advice or services, including traditional and or non- traditional medicine it’s important to protect your business/practice, against claims of malpractice and or professional misconduct.

Medical Malpractice is a type of insurance cover for any actual or alleged medical negligence by a healthcare professional, including complaints lodged with the professions Councils.

Over the last few years, the frequency of compensation awards in medical negligence cases has increased alarmingly. Professional indemnity & malpractice insurance is a crucial product for all healthcare professionals and practitioners.

Medical Malpractice Insurance, indemnifies the professionals and or practitioners against any legal liabilities and or damages, including damages for any bodily injury, mental injury, mental anguish or shock, illness, disease or death of any patient caused by the professionals and or practitioners alleged negligence, including legal costs and expenses.

We would recommend that this type of cover is necessary for anyone practicing in the traditional or non-traditional medical industry, including:

– General Practitioners
– Specialists
– Dentists
– Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturists
– Psychologists
– Speech &/Hearing Therapists
– Counselors
– Social Workers
– Paramedics
– Optometrists
– Nurses
– Sonographers
– Radiographers
– Clinical Technologists
– Beauticians
– Biokineticists
– Dieticians
– Homeopaths
– Fitness Instructors
– Body Stress Release Practitioners
– Chiropractors
– Pharmacists
– Massage therapists
– Occupational Therapists
– Prosthetics & Orthotics
– Podiatrists
– Reflexologists