Make today your goal


When people take on a long term task, specifically when connected to self improvement or health, we tend to be quite hard on ourselves. Most of the time we lose sight of how much we are progressing and constantly focus on the negatives. The words we use tend to shape how we feel about a subject. 

Subtle changes in how you view, or title your task, can have an immediate influence on your mood and momentum. It is tough to keep momentum when you focus on the wrong things which creates a somewhat self hating environment. By following positive gains you have achieved, focusing on what is coming and practicing more self love you; will not only enjoy your journey more but maintain momentum.

A key problem with Health journey’s is people usually put themselves through hell as they see it as a means to an end. The fact is the journey is going to take time and will only succeed and be long lasting if you enjoy the journey more. The journey is your new lifestyle of health, not a short term diet to change your shape. Take each day at a time.

Focus on achieving positives towards your goal every single day. If you have somewhat come off the wagon, don’t throw the whole day away, try achieve something towards your goal. If you take each decision as it comes you will be able to look back at each day with inspiration, knowing you did things to bring you closer to your goal. Each day your goal must be for progress and suddenly a day becomes a week and you develop an exciting track record.

When you have a cheat it implies you are doing something naughty. Having a “cheat” does not make you a “cheater” it is an act, not a definition of you or your journey. If you have a healthy routine and are working hard to achieve it YOU ARE NOT CHEATING, you are rewarding yourself with a treat. A treat is something you have as a reward for positive efforts. Don’t fall into the trap of making your treat, for your achievement, into something ugly like cheating. You earned it.

No one is perfect and yet we all feel like the pressures of society, social media, arm-chair specialist, friends and family creates a judging environment that will never let you be perfect. Forget about being perfect, try to be better. Be better everyday than you used to be and each day you create a new healthier and better you. “Perfection” creates a high-pressure environment where you no longer forgive yourself, like you would others, which is enough to derail your journey. Love yourself, forgive yourself and keep at it. Build your new life now and everyday as your morph into what you always wanted to become.

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky