Longevity Foods


What we eat is meant for more than simply keeping us full. By selecting the right foods you can help increase your metabolism and immune system while improving your sleep, avoiding muscle cramps and keeping you energized throughout the day, amongst many other benefits. While there are many foods that help you achieve this goal we are going to look at a few that will guide you in the right direction. The more whole foods and organic products you eat the better.

Being a fantastic source of Omega-fatty acids which have shown to lower risk of abnormal heartbeats, lower triglyceride levels, slow growth of artery-clogging fat deposits and reduce blood pressure. Omegas are also known as a brain food that helps fight dementia and cognitive decline. These days farmed salmon can be risky in large doses so, add it to your diet but no more than once a week.

Blueberries, as is the case with most food items that are blue/purple, have potent antioxidant values which are believed to decrease inflammation, protect cell from free-radicals, reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, stroke and age-related brain diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Sweet Potatoes
Being loaded with potassium will help reduce cramping, while lowering blood pressure. They also have large quantities of Vitamin A which helps with vision, bone health, reproduction and cell growth/maintenance. With a nice dose of fibre per potato it will also help keep you regular.

Green Tea
Green Tea is the easily forgotten health booster, that helps raise your metabolism and immune system. It has a caffeine like affect which will help keep you focused and assist with weight loss. It helps with cholesterol levels, and protecting your skin from sun damage. A daily cup of green tea can go a long way!

Dark Chocolate
The problem with most chocolates are that they are heavily processed, but a dose of dark chocolate is a delicious way to elevate your health. In the gut it breaks down into anti-inflammatory compounds, and has been linked to over 40 health benefits across the board. It will keep the cravings away, while being an ideal healthy treat. As always don’t get to carried away.

This fruit, yes its a fruit, is rich in monounsaturated fat which is easily used by the body for energy as fuel. Containing around 20 essential nutrients including vitamin E, B vitamins and potassium. You need healthy fats in your diet which help bowel movement and general health, never mind the micronutrient benefits. A quarter to half an avo a day is perfect, just make sure you balance your fat intake and avoid nuts or other fatty foods the days you have avo.

When you feed the body the correct fuel it starts to run like a well oiled machine. It is not easy to change one’s habits, so start slowly by replacing an unhealthy food item with a healthy food item every few days/week. Before you know it you will be feeling like a million bucks and be healthy inside and out.

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky