Is Gym the only answer?


While gym is a usually seen as the only way to gain physical strength and doing cardiovascular exercise it can be a roadblock for many. Gyms not only come at a price, but they are also indoors and give some people anxiety by training in front of other people. While the equipment in the gym and training around like-minded people is great, there is still a need to balance it with outdoor activities and for some to be replaced by outdoor activities. Let’s look at some alternatives you could try out.

Group Class

Yoga, Pilates, Tai-chi, Dance and Aerobic classes are some options you could look into while there are many other alternatives. Many gyms offer some of these class options, while you can also find a studio private class in your area if the gym isn’t for you. Being in a class is a fun way to not only harness a skill but to also enjoy being in a group which usually has varying experience levels which helps you visual the path from newbie to pro.

Road Walking

While security may be a concern, you don’t have to walk alone or at night or in your area. Many get anxiety with joining walking groups which lands up being an excuse not to try it. Start walking on your own in a safe environment for a month or so, until you gain more walking experience, then you can workout whether you prefer walking in a group or enjoying a walk on your own. Walking in the road also helps you stabilizers strengthen more than compared to a treadmill due to the uneven surfaces you will encounter.

Nature Hikes

It is recommended to start road walking or walking in the park before going on a hike just so you stabilizers get ready to support you for the uneven surfaces you are going to encounter. Hiking is a great for of long duration cardio, which will strengthen you legs muscles and back while improving your fitness levels. With most living in a town area, always surrounded by buildings and road it is a great way to get out in nature and observe all the wildlife and plants you will experience.

Training in a park

Many parks these days have outdoor gyms which cater for various levels of strength. If there are no parks near you with an outdoor gym you can still do various things such as walking, jogging, running or using the elements for strength training. By using rocks, benches and trees you can accomplish a full body workout.

Try a sport

There are many indoor and outdoor sports you could enjoy which need 2 or more people such as tennis, squash, basketball, cricket, soccer, volleyball and golf. Sport is a great way to get your cardio to improve while keeping the activity social which adds another mental aspect with many positives. Try find a team or club near by and look into beginner groups or just rally some friends and family for some weekly fun.

Don’t let your feelings/limitations regarding not going to gym be the reason you don’t work on your physical health. If you are a gym goer or lover, try something new to add to your already existing routine.

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky