This is quite a common fruit in South Africa, which grows fast and abundantly. While it is commonly used for jams, pies and desserts it is a potent fruit filled with health benefits. Let’s dive into some key health benefits of Gooseberries.

Vitamin C
Most fruit are high in Vitamin C, including Gooseberries. 1 Cup of Gooseberries has 40% or more of your recommended daily intake. You need Vitamin C to help your body absorb Iron and helping form Collagen. Vitamin C is needed to form healthy bones, muscles, cartilage and blood vessels. Many believe high doses of Vitamin C helps fight the common cold.

Dietary Fiber
1 Cup of Gooseberries has 25% or more of your recommended daily intake of Fiber. Fiber is needed by your body to help avoid constipation while helping avoid/fight Colon Cancer and heart disease.

Low in Calories
Being low in calories and fat while having potent levels of vitamins and antioxidants makes Gooseberries and fuel efficient way of keeping your nutrition intake healthy without the unwanted calories. A cup is a healthy snack that when paired with a glass of water would keep you sustained with a healthy boost.

By being rich in anthocyanins Gooseberries help to prevent pain, swelling and redness. The bonus of having a lot of antioxidants means you will also be helping to manage inflammatory based disorders such as Asthma which is the inflammation of the tracheal passage.

As an important nutrient that helps keeping your nervous and muscular systems healthy is a vital part of your eating plan. Helping to promote normal function of nerve cells, keeping blood pressure regular and helping to prevent irregular heart rhythm. Having low levels of Potassium could increase your risk of Osteoporosis, high blood pressure and stroke.

Other Nutrients & Minerals
Gooseberries have many other nutrients which were not discussed as their levels average around 5% of your recommended daily allowance. Some of the other nutrients and minerals are: Folates, Niacin,Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Sodium, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese.

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky

Joni is a health professional that is qualified in nutrition, supplementation, exercise science, orthopedic rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, pre-post natal, sports coaching and post operation physical rehabilitation. As someone who has lost over 30% body fat and a software developer in health and wellness he is a go to for various topics