Free Online Education for Kids

With the kids stuck at home many are in need of methods to keep the children learning and growing. We have collected a few educational, news and general knowledge sites that should keep your kids progressing and busy in a healthy way.

Kids Learning (Education)

PBS Kids is a for younger children and the site uses the PBS characters. Content includes videos, counting/sorting games, sing-a-long songs and a variety of other content.
Scholastic is a creation by an educational children’s books publisher. They have categories that cover all ages from Pre-Kindergarten to High School with options for
Family Learning.

Kids News (Coronavirus)

Time for Kids, created by Time Magazine, is a great resource with a massive database of articles. Their topics include current news, including Coronavirus.

General Knowledge (Ages 10+)

How Stuff works is an incredible website that has thousands and thousands of articles. They answer almost every question you ever had and never will.
Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky