Free online courses & diplomas

There are many online learning resources out there, so instead of giving you a list that is too big to go through here are 4 sites. These site are top notch, free(pay for certificates) and will definitely help guide you as they have hundred’s of millions of people. is a great website with thousands of free certificates, courses and diplomas. You can learn about thousands of subjects including nursing, mathematics, social media, website design, corona and more.


Udacity is an online favourite with thousands of courses related to coding, web design and social media. With some free and others for pay your can buy packages that give you multiple courses and they often have specials.


Edx is a great resource of courses that are free, you paid if you want the certificate. You can choose between pretty much any subject/course that you can find in a university. Some on the contributors are MIT, Harvard, Berkley, Caltech, WITS, IBM, Microsoft just to name a hand full.

Code Academy

Code Academy is the perfect starting point for someone wanting to look into programming/coding. They have a huge selection of languages/apis and courses you can create live samples as their website guides you through creating simple pieces of code as you learn. You don’t need to use the pay classes to learn all the good stuff that will get you going.

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky

Joni is a health professional that is qualified in nutrition, supplementation, exercise science, orthopedic rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, pre-post natal, sports coaching and post operation physical rehabilitation. As someone who has lost over 30% body fat and a software developer in health and wellness he is a go to for various topics