Setup Your Business

What is a Vendor?

A vendor is a business/professional that has a presence on that they can use to monetize their online presence and write articles that link to their personal 1-page website/profile page on 

What does it cost?

To sign up as a vendor is FREE. Your 1-page website and ability to write articles is on the house. A 10% handling fee will be charged for the sale of products, downloadables or bookings.

How does a vendor get paid?

We will transfer split payments on Friday weekly for transactions the week before(7-10 work days). A Paypal account is needed for our split payment system.

What does a vendor get?

  1. 1-Page website on

Logo, Contact Info, Google Map, Info about business, articles and products

  1. Write Articles

Create your own content that will promote your business and establish you as a professional in your trade.

  1. Sell Products
    • Physical products (coming soon)
    • Downloadable files (executable/pdf/image/document)
    • Bookings for physical classes or private sessions
    • Virtual and in-person appointments 

Clients will be emailed text and your link of choice such as: Email, phone number, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, Google etc.

  1. SEO &

All products and articles created by a vendor will have Google SEO setup and will be searchable with all other content on

Vendor Account

Create a User Account

Use the link above to register as a user. When you receive your confirmation email and click the link your account will be activated. 

Create a Vendor Account

Visit the link above to submit to become a vendor. You will be notified once you have been approved, or admin will contact you if there are any problems.

Set-Up Public Profile Page – Front-End

Visit the link above to set-up your public profile page. Fill out all relevant information for the public to understand your brand and connect to your various forms of contact and social media.

Set-up Payments – Back-End

Visit the link above to set-up your payments. You can set certain payment relevant information and MUST enter your Paypal Account Email. All the contact information is managed using your public profile page editor.

Create or Manage Products

Create a Product – Physical, Downloadable, Bookings

Manage a Product – To Edit existing Products

Visit the link above to create a new product item. Once an item is submitted you will be notified by admin when it is live. Anything that will be sold by a vendor is termed a product. We will assist with SEO and read through all content for spelling and grammar problems.

Name your product and Write information about your product and add images, embed youtube videos and make it as information and captivating as possible.

Simple, Virtual or Downloadable

For a physical,virtual or downloadable product select “Simple product”. Select Virtual/Downloadable depending on your needs. Make sure you fill out all fields in all categories on the left hand side under “General”.


To create a booking select bookable product and fill out all information in the tabs. You can limit the size of your group bookings, set your availability and create/manage assets. 

Booking Assets

A booking asset can be a room, facility or professional. An example of using assets is you can create a booking product to be a nutritionist and a virtual trainer and connect you or another professional as the asset which will help avoid booking conflicts between your 2 booking products.

Connect social media/custom note to a booking

Open the “Advanced” menu on the left below “General” and type a custom note which will be emailed to your client once they have paid. This note can be something regarding their preparation for your session or a link to a social media account of your choice like WhatsApp or Zoom.

Payment Notifications

A vendor will be emailed with all payment proofs and a calendar invite for any booking. The client will receive an email with a calendar invite once a booking is made.

View Bookings

Click the link above to view all canceled, past and future bookings.