Brain workouts


The mind/brain is just like any other muscle in the body, it needs care and ongoing use and training. The more you use your brain power in a way that requires focus the more likely you are to maintain your capacity while expanding your mind with new skills and concepts. There are many ways to do this which we will discuss, just be sure to pick something that connects to your own mind. If you are creative/mathematical/philosophical/linguistic, try pick something you enjoy or try something different every few weeks.

Learn a new language
Learning a new language is an incredible way to open the mind. When you learn a new language you tend to learn new ways on thinking and processing as a language is a reflection of a culture. The way people speak and select words, shapes how they think and connect to situations and concepts. Another great idea, if you are into technology is play around with some simple programming. Programming is a fun way to learn a computer language where you can build simple games/programmes which is a never ending riddle and brain teaser.

Read Philosophy
Not many people have time to read philosophy in their day to day lives, unless they are lucky enough to have had it for a subject in their education. Philosophy is a great way to get lost in your mind as you ponder theories of life love and everything in between. Reading one philosophical theory a week and spending the week thinking about it and observing the world through its principles is quite a fun way of changing how you mind works and experiencing things you are used to in a brand new way.

Seen by most as a game for children, this is an amazing activity for all ages, just like it says on the box. Building Lego not only helps pass the time but gives you the ability to expand your mind in many ways from following the instructions and managing intricate hand movements to designing your own creations which is where the creativity aspect comes in. It is a great solo or group activity which can also help you bond with any little ones you may have in your life.

This is not as quick for everyone to pick up but can play a crucial role in helping develop your creativity, mental visualization and ways to bring out emotions or thoughts that bounce around your head. Art/Drawing can be tackled by just doing some doodling on a piece of paper to making large paintings. While Youtube/your own creativity may be enough to get you started a few basic lessons with a professional could be the boost you need to get going.

This a clear brain work out but what some people forget is that riddles take many forms. You can tackle the usual word written riddle, buy physical brain teaser puzzles or a rubik’s cube. Other well enjoyed brain teasers are cross words, sudoku and a good old game of chess.

Well selected puzzles leave you with a great sense of accomplishment, while having various degrees of intensity. Once you finished a puzzle you can always do it again, or if you picked a great looking one you can hang it up on your wall and start a new collection!

Buy doing a brain workout that suits you just once a week will help you stay switched on, and will provide an enjoyable hobby that has direct benefits for your mental health.

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky