Brain & Mental Benefits from Cardio


Usually when you think about cardio you think about your heart exploding out of your chest, which can be enough to make you queasy from the get go. The key thing to remember is that cardio does not have to be too intense. Cardio have many positive effects for your holistic health, and doesn’t have to be extreme or very challenging for you to achieve a specific goal.

A mental break

For most people each day rolls into the next, where between work, eating and watching tv there is almost no time to just let your mind be clear and empty. By giving yourself some time in the day to just enjoy your surroundings and observing the world around you, you will feel the benefits of a clear and refreshed mind.

Time to think

While it is great to keep your mind clear, there is still a lot of time for you to think about subjects that you don’t really have time to think about. Most of our mental time is spent planning and managing our day to day life, it is also critical to give time to your management on things that have happened. Cardio is a great time to run through past events that without being tackled create a mental drain on you which affects your concentration, mental and physical health. Use this time to summarize and deal with events in your own time when you have time to give it focus.

Healthy Body, healthy mind

Just the action of doing something that benefits your health has a major impact on your mental well being. It isn’t easy to always feel in control of your life, health being the most singular critical thing in our lives is a great way to gain some power in taking control of your health. The power and control you feel from taking action towards a better healthier life is further empowered by the immediate health benefits which you will notice from weight-loss, fitness, healthier skin and many other positive noticable results.

Lasting effects on thought

In 2017 Lancet released a research project they commissioned which showed that 35% of risk factors connected to dementia can be attributed to the lack of exercise. A study in Minnesota showed that people who gained high level of fitness reap the benefits for decades after the fact by maintaining a higher level of mental capacity even without continued training.

Meet yourself

By always being around other people and always engaging in social/digital/work situations you lose touch with yourself. By spending this time in your own mind you will be able to rediscover who you are and get to enjoy your own company even more.

For your body, for your mind and for your future self cardio is an important aspect to managing your cardiac system, a chronic ailment and mental acuity. Remember that rome wasn’t built in a day, start with an easy 10 minute walk/cycle now and again and build up from there. Enjoy some time with yourself!

Joni Kowensky
Author: Joni Kowensky