Balance Stress Naturally

Balance Stress Naturally - Webinar
Balance Stress Naturally

Platinum artist, singer and song writer, Nianell will be a featured guest speaker on The Longevity Channel’s webinar, ‘Balance Stress Naturally’ on 8 August 2020 at 2pm (SAT). Nianell is a self-mastery mentor and uses her gift of sound alchemy to assist people through change. Sound and theta-healing are some of the techniques she uses to guide individuals through challenging circumstances, such as lockdown.

Dr, Arien van der Merwe, a holistic medical doctor of more than twenty years is also a guest speaker on TLC’s webinar as well as Asha Dullabh, an integrative clinical psychologist and Rhiannon Neuharth, CBD and essential oil specialist.

Practicing mindfulness and developing the mind-body connection is at the heart of The Longevity Channel’s content. Helen Hansen, kinesiologist and presenter on TLC says, “Wellness is the new currency. When we invest wisely into our greatest asset, our body, we can grow a wealth of health”.

Being in the present moment allows one to Balance Stress Naturally, hear signals from the body, emotional messages and spiritual signs. Awareness can save on doctor’s bills, it is known to save relationships and it is an eye opener to one’s life purpose.

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Helen Hansen
Author: Helen Hansen