Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in Children
Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in Children is a reality parents must be made aware of and look out for. Help children cope with anxiety during coronavirus lockdown. For the first time in our lives, we are experiencing a lockdown during which most of us are confined to our homes or allowed to go to school but Social Distancing being enforced for the good of our children, also creates an adverse effect being Stress & Anxiety in Children.

This can cause anxiety and stress for adults and even more so for children. Children observe our expressions and are sensitive to the tone of our voices. If we as adults show fear and anxiety, children will absorb this.

The anxiety of children may manifest in various ways including:

  1. Clinginess and following parents around
  2. Difficulty falling asleep
  3. Mood swings and attention seeking behaviour such as complaining, grumpiness and crying
  4. Asking many questions with a view of seeking reassurance
  5. Psychosomatic illnesses such as headaches and stomach pains.
  6. The following are some ways we can help children cope with anxiety during the lockdown period:
  7. Be a model of confidence and calmness.
  8. Structure brings some stability. Structure each day with times for meals, activities, study and free time
  9. Radio and Television have study channels to compensate for the loss of schooling
  10. Add a study opportunity into the day’s program

We encourage you all to be positive, productive and creative with whatever resources are available at your disposal. This is important for the mental and emotional health of our families.

Alternative medication options are available such as Essential Oils namely “Calm” by Root Element. Please visit the Root Element website for more information on their 100% pure & natural essential oil range with separate formulas for Children and Adults. Changing lives one drop at a time Naturally.

Christo Olivier
Author: Christo Olivier

Christo Olivier Root Element Christo is a qualified teacher and worked in the pharmaceutical industry before embarking on the journey to developed Essential Oils to assist in ADHD related symptoms He is passionate to change people’s lives naturally